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Kinoshita Chaen


Japan's Homeland Ise

We Kinosita Chaen are one of the oldest Tea dealer in Ise city established in 1937. Ise is the most important place for Shintoism where holds prime Shrine “Ise Jingu”.  Ise jingu worships "Amaterasu" chief goddess in Shintoism and having 2000 years history.   Emperor visits here every year and Ise Jingu had 8.8 million visitors in 2017. For that historical background, Ise has  3rd Tea production in Japan and one of the main supply for Kyoto Uji Tea.  Kinosita Chen had been operated under such environment and developed varieties of blending and taste.Now we’ve stepped into third generation, started new projects Matcha café and sweets under the new concept “Happy life for women and kids”. Here time to sail the world…

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Our Motto and company history

Tradition and Innovation!

1. "Sybiosis with hometown"  We handle Tea from our hometown Ise and select the best quality under very hard verification.  


2. "For Ladies and Kids"  We develop many kinds of Tea blending with Ise Tea and Tea leave from all over the world such as Herb for easy taking Laides and Kids.                                                                          

3. "New value for Girls" We develop many sweets using Mactha and Ise Tea and running many events for Girls in Ise as new Trend.



1937 Established as Tea Whole seller

1977 Start Selling to Big shopping mall

1985 Start to Retail

2005 Company taken over to current CEO Naoya Kinoshita

2016 Opening Matcha Cafe

2017 Start to produce souvenir products using Tea

2018 Start International Sales 

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